It’s St Patricks Day Tomorrow & There’s Lots of Cool Stuff Happening!

We have a lot to thank the 400-year old Saint from County Antrim for – not least blaming him for the hangover.

Yes, St Patrick’s day is here again! Well not quite, it takes place tomorrow, but if you like to party this is the excuse you have been waiting for.

We all know the Irish enjoy “the craic” themselves, and given they are sociable lot who have taken up residence all over the world, just about everybody will be celebrating one way or the other on the ‘morrow.

For starters, Tourism Ireland will be illuminating 250 of the world’s most iconic landmarks, including the One World Trade Centre in New York, for the first time this year, Niagara Falls, The London Eye and the Great Wall of China, a distinctive shade of green.

In London, the main celebration will take place on Sunday 19th March, in Trafalgar Square, with a parade, ceilidh dancing and lots of entertainments to keep the kids occupied.

There’s a St Patrick’s day film festival, too, running from Friday to Sunday, featuring screenings of award-winning Irish short films at the London Film Show (17th)and the “Song of the Sea and Shadow Animation Workshop at the Regent Street Cinema, on the 19th.

Even the Mayor’s office are getting involved! They are recommending celebrating at Camden market, another venue that will be turning green for the day on Saturday – oh, and we think they might be screening some kind of Rugby match on Saturday, too ; )

There’ll be Irish bands there too, MOXIE and Kila, who will be running an interactive kids’ show at midday.

Courtesy of Desigmynight, we can also recommend a screening of Gangs of New York at the Boondocks Cinema Club on Friday evening, some Big Night Out St Patrick’s day pub crawls, and a “Dram and Smoke” Pop-up on the Kingsland Road – ooh, and a really big night at the Clapham Grand.

How hollow are those legs feeling ; )

But its’ not just London (and Ireland, obvs!) who will be celebrating – nobody loves a celebration like the world’s hostel community so thanks to Hostelworld for compiling this incredible guide to the world’s biggest St Patrick’s day parties. From Chicago (where they dye the river green!) to Sydney, to Auckland, it would be plain wrong to miss out.

Wherever you are, we hope you celebrate in your own unique entrepreneurial styles. Don’t forget, Ireland has produced some outstanding startup founders in its time.

Ryanair founder Michael O’Leary, F1 team boss Eddie Jordan, Ian Clarke, creator of Freenet, Riverdance producer and co-founder Moya Doherty, everyone’s favourite band-builder Louis Walsh, and lest we forget, the mighty Bono.

So we’ll end with a joke – what’s the difference between God and Bono?

God doesn’t walk around Dublin thinking he’s Bono.

Boom boom!

And a video – Bushmills have created their own unique toast to St Paddy.

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