Friday Fun! 10 Apps We Want To See Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers Build

You reach in your pocket / handbag, you pull out your smartphone, and then you pause – there’s not an app for that!!!

hang on…you hit the Google Play store…nothing…Apple store…ditto.

Well then, you say to yourself, we’ll just have to do something about that…here’s 10 surely-we-need app ideas to get you started.

  1. Booking ahead dining app – we know, Velocity, but we want one that has a Deliveroo-esque impact on London, and yes, the world’s, dining out industry.
  2. I’m drunk, take me home! One button – you press it – someone else takes care of the rest – SAFELY!
  3. T-Uber – chips hailing service
  4. The Doris-o-meter – informing when it may be necessary to tie your garden chairs down
  5. AirPnP – already popular during the Notting Hill carnival, let your loo out to cross legged, desperate passers-by.
  6. WWAIF – short for which way am I facing. Does anybody else get confused when Google Maps tells you to head North, and pick a street to walk down instead, watching the blue beepy thing to see which way it move. Or is that just us.
  7. BackChat – disappearing esprit d’escalier style moments.
  8. RatemyDate – app where you get to score your date – no more dull dinners with undatables.
  9. Prompter – an app that monitors conversations and suggests what you say next – invaluable at job interviews, and awkward parties where you don’t know so many people.
  10. FitWit – hone your humour with this gag-tracker – set your goal at 20 witty gags a day. Much healthier, right?

Ok, we know, some are better / more realistic than others – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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