Top Event Alert! [Crowdfunding] Free Success Workshop – WeWork Moorgate – Jan 26th

Thinking of crowdfunding your startup or project in 2017 – you’re not alone!

Crowdfunding has exploded over the last couple of years, but it’s a rocky road, not always well regulated, and alongside notable success stories, there have been some high-profile failures which have threatened to undermine an industry that is not necessarily new, just rebranded and reinvented for the digital age.

Like most things, play the system correctly and you can gain the support you need to launch a life-changing project, but if you don’t prepare, then you prepare to fail!

This free event is aimed at teaching budding entrepreneurs looking at crowdfunding to “discover the 4 steps they need in order to run a kickass crowdfunding campaign that will generate the funds you need”.

Can’t say fairer than that. The event is chaired by David Johnstone, General Manager of LEOcrowd based in Tech City, and held at WeWork Moorgate.

WeWork is always an exciting place to be, and more so the later you stick around, so David’s event on Thursday is definitely one to look at – we’ll say it again – when have you ever regretted making the time to attend a startup event?

At this event, you will learn how to write a killer sales pitch that will engage your audience, how to create a social buzz around the project, and how to build a “tribe of loyal followers”.

A tribe of loyal followers – that sounds ok to us. We’re struggling to find an admin assistant!

And don’t forget, there are 2 halves to attending an event – the event itself, and the networking – which one will prove more useful to you?

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