Can Getting Offline Boost Your Startup’s Success?

We all know that having cutting edge tech is essential to your startup. As any good Hacker will tell you, you need to be ahead of the game – and you definitely can’t afford to be lagging behind your competitors on the tech front! But for all our connectedness and technological advances, is there a U-turn coming up ahead, with a potential switch to the offline world again? You might have thought those brick-and-mortar days were a thing for the history books, but Will Harnden’s really interesting article about a potential “offline renaissance” definitely gives some food for thought.
So how can you get the best of both worlds? Read on!

1. Network, network, network

LinkedIn can be pretty awesome and it can definitely open a lot of new doors. But don’t restrict your networking to the online world only. As of yet, there’s no real substitution for in-person interaction – and this definitely goes when it comes to business networking. A face to face conversation is often more than just about business – you can suss out someone through their body language and personality, find more serendipitous connections and get a whole lot more out of the experience. So get out there – even if it’s outside your comfort zone. Go forth and network!

2. Find your perfect match

You might not need much more than a solid internet connection for your startup, but you still need a proper space to work from. And your parents’ garage doesn’t count. But shelling out for an office lease can be pretty pricey – any Hustlers out there are already totting up the potential cost of renting an office space full time! With sky high rents, plus deposits and all the bills – it can take a major chunk out of your budget. Thankfully, there are better solutions out there. Enter office match-making. No – this is not a service for surreptitious office romances! Sites like Hubble and PivotDesk take the popular Airbnb model and apply it to workspaces. Wherever you are, you can look up a temporary office space that’s right for you, and only need to hire it for as long as you need. Perfect for when you’re travelling frequently, or just waiting to get yourself more established.

3. Embrace the maker revolution

With the rise in all things digital, doomsayers predicted the end of old school tangible goods like vinyl records and printed books. In fact, people’s love for them has just come back – harder than ever. Maybe it’s having something special to hold, touch and feel, rather than simply experiencing it digitally. The same definitely applies when it comes to your startup business. Take the power of a well-designed business card. Not to get all Patrick Bateman here, but there’s definitely something to be said for a card that you can really appreciate and enjoy! Even though we might be building up our network of connections online the majority of the time, a card is still expected – and it can say a lot about you. So embrace the growing trend of craftsmanship and choose a card that shows how unique and innovative you are – with letterpress printing, laser cutting, and a huge array of materials to choose from – you can really make your card stand out.

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