Boy Were There Some Big Funding Rounds Across Europe Last Year

It wasn’t all doom and gloom in 2016, folks, not if you like disruptive music streaming sites and series “triple D” funding rounds.

Thanks to Dealroom, we now have a list of Europe’s biggest funding rounds in 2016

Leading the way were Spotify, Europe’s answer Faceb…erm, Micros…ah, Apple…Apple Music, Apple Music! who raised $1 billion in a convertible note. From some Americans. Anyone know what a convertible note is?

Moving on (and down), Global Fashion Group, one of those clone-type companies (we jest) from the Samwer Brothers Rocket Internet raised €330m, followed by, erm, Sanwer Brothers / Rocket Internet founded Jumia (Africa Internet Group, €300m), and Gett Taxi (€300m).

Next up, Londoners, is your favourite disruptive food delivery service, endangering pedestrians and motorists with equal abandon (again, we jest) as they pootle merrily around London slowly removing the flavour and heat from your favourite restaurant fare…

No, not Just Eat, the other one. The only one left too big for JustEat to gobble up in one bite and wash down with an incentivisation scheme or two.

That’s right, Deliveroo (for it is they) bagged a $275m Series E round. Edinburgh-based Skyscanner also made the top 10, which mainly consisted of start-uppy type sounding names we’d never heard of. Hoxton Ventures backed DarkTrace raised a more than reasonable €58.2m Series C.

Honourable mention to Haggerston / Dalston based ROLI, which makes ultra-cool keyboards and looks set to crush it in 2017 thanks to an exclusive tie-up with Apple music which will see the product in Apple stores worldwide, and all the wonderful challenger banks, from Tandem, who raised just under £1m, to Starling, which bagged $70m in venture funding.

A bird and a bicycle – you can’t say banking isn’t being disrupted. Remember when the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation was called Midland Bank.

That, in reverse.

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