You Got This! The 5 Qualities You Need To Succeed

Being an entrepreneur is easy, hassle-free and so laidback. Said no one – ever.
We all know it ain’t easy. It’s a tough, competitive world out there, and if you’re getting a brand new startup off the ground, sometimes it can feel like the world’s against you. But buck up! You’ve totally got this. If you can say “yes!” to the five key qualities below, then you’re awesome and well on your way to success.

1. Failure? You eat it for breakfast!

Being able to embrace failure is one of the most important qualities any successful entrepreneur has. It might seem contradictory. Don’t you want to succeed, after all? But the point is, success can only come through after you’ve had the nerve to really put yourself out there, try the craziest ideas that come to your head, and even fall on your face a few times. So don’t be afraid to fail!

2. Haters gonna hate

Here’s another thing any successful entrepreneur is going to have to deal with. All those mean, miserable people who’d much rather see you stumble in the dirt and give up on your dreams. They’ll be the ones who dwell on things like the odds of startup success being, well, a little low. They’ll nitpick and critique everything you do, trying to make you second-guess yourself. But you won’t let them knock your goals. Instead, you’re going to take their criticism and actually use it to spur you forward! Because you’re awesome, right?

3. You’re prepared to put in the work

A successful startup doesn’t just pop out of thin air overnight. It takes hard work, discipline and focus. Real guts, sweat and long, long nights. Having discipline and focus is so important to any startup – not just for you as an individual, but also to help galvanise and motivate your team. Having the daily discipline to test yourself, your products and your strategies will ultimately result in a lean, mean startup machine. Take a look at Eric Reis’ Lean Startup for some brilliant inspiration on how to stay disciplined!

4. You’re passionate about what you do

There’s no room for lukewarm in the world of startups. You’re either in or out. But if you do have heaps of passion about what it is you’re doing, then that’s going to see you through some of the most challenging times you’ll encounter. Every slip up and failure, every all-nighter that you pull and 4am wake up call to head to prepare for a make-or-break breakfast meeting – when you’ve got authentic feeling behind it, you’ll be able to stay motivated and focussed, before you know what you want to achieve, ultimately. Have a read of this great post by VC, Mark Suster, who explains why passion is so vital for entrepreneurs!

5. You know what you want to do

Lastly – you’ve got a clear picture of where you want to go, and what you want to be doing with your startup. Passion, grit and determination won’t get you to success if you don’t have this. So make sure you have a really clear picture of what you want to achieve, and steer clear of vague, fantasy day dreams of the successful life!

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