Will This “Sexy, Game Changing” Line of Incontinence Lingerie take The UK by Storm?

A New Zealand based startup, Confitex, led by Dr Mark Davey is launching a new line of incontinence friendly underwear into the UK market, in a bid to finally end the “taboo” nature of a problem that has dogged both woman and man-kind through the ages.

“Our underwear is beautiful, environmentally responsible and perfect for people who don’t want their condition to hold them back”, says Davey, whilst also pointing out that celebrities like Kate Winslet, Kris Jenner and Katy Perry are making it ok to break the silence about a problem that is as widespread as it is socially stigmatised.

Incontinence has many causes, including ageing, having children or high intensity training workouts, but it should not be seen an obstacle to leading a happy, healthy and full life.

According to Dr Lynsey Hayward, “president of the International Urogynecological Association: “People hide. They stop going to social functions. They make their lives smaller to keep the problem secret. A lot of women don’t tell their husbands.”

Not any more; Confitex showcased their first collection, which includes the first ever bespoke G-string developed especially for bladder leakages, as well as a natty pair of men’s trunk briefs, “which look and feel just like regular briefs”, the founder says.

Research shows that up to one in ten men with prostrate problem suffer from incontinence, and also reveals that in the UK, 70% of incontinence sufferers won’t discuss the matter.”

As well as relieving the emotional burden of regular trips to the supermarket to buy more pads, Confitex’s solution is also more environmentally friendly and far more economical than investing in pads, says Davey.

The lingerie is available in a range of styles, sizes and colours, and available in light or moderate absorbency.

It’s about time the UK got to grips with the reality that the body beautiful is about more than curlers and cosmetics. Will 2017 be the year we finally say goodbye to this unwanted taboo?

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