Why Twitter Is Best For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign – It’s The Only Platform Without A Major Flaw

It may still not have found a way to turn a profit, but Twitter is out there on its own when it comes to promoting your startup.

This might sound strange, when you consider Facebook’s reputation for scientifically targeting demographics requested by advertisers, Instagram’s hold over its millennial audience, Snapchat’s over Generation X, and the corporate power of LinkedIn, but each of these are flawed in a way that Twitter is not.

Facebook is suffering from an identity crisis – are people on Facebook for any other reason than to catch up with friends or watch the latest trending videos?

Snapchat is still an enigma – and a loss making one at that, that doesn’t have a coherent advertising strategy.

Instagram is still worryingly niche, and LinkedIn is a grey area for marketers – sending network-wide messages can appear spammy and send the wrong message to potential customers, who are not on the platform to discover new products or services.

So, that leaves Twitter amongst the major players. In many ways, Twitter is perhaps the most honest of all the social media channels, where people talk about what is most relevant to them.

Of course, there are trending topics, but rather than disposable videos or funny pictures, many of these topics spark debate, feedback, and invite response.

By being part of the conversation, brands and advertisers can infiltrate networks and by expressing a well-informed opinion, their messages can spread across networks rapidly, where they are picked up by potential targets a world away from where the message originates. All it takes is a like or a re-tweet.

Twitter is arguably regarded as a more thoughtful platform than its rivals, and again here is a chance for brands to impress with insightful commentary or amusing observations. People appreciate people who are thinking along the same lines as them, and nowhere is it easier to present your point of view, and mainline into a highly topical discussion, than on Twitter.

Many marketers talk about being as concise as you can be with your advertising messages – after all, if you can’t express what it is you do or sell in one sentence, the chances are it will be too complex for today’s marketplace, where attention spans are minimal and competition for people’s time has never been more intense.

Twitter is, of course, the perfect channel for one-liners – and gives you the perfect chance to show how clever you (and your product) can be.

It may not get the column inches that Snapchat does, make the money that Facebook does, or be held in such high esteem by the up and coming generations, but Twitter is simple, clever, and provided you avoid the dark pools frequented by the trolls, a mightily effective, yet often overlooked, way to communicate.

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