Why That Annoyingly Cool Hipster is a Really Vital Part of Your Startup Team

Think that having a brilliant hacking mind is all you need to be the next big biz on the scene? Think again. In fact – think hard. Really hard. What are the most awesome brands that come to mind? And what is it that you remember about them first?

Take Instagram for instance. First thing that comes to mind? Food porn. Followed by all those gorgeous filters that make your day old sandwich look seriously tempting. Or how about a startup that’s just starting to make a big splash – Osper. This nifty little finance management app is clean, slick and really easy to use. Not to mention – it looks damn good too.

And that’s all down to the stylish eye of the Hipster. Here’s why having one on board really matters:

For the creative pop that brings everything to life

We’ve all seen it. Those brilliant-on-paper ideas that somehow just sit limply there, about as attractive as an old banana peel. Sure, it works. Sure – you can think of a zillion reasons why people should want it. But do they? Hell, do you even want it?

The Hipster – by definition – is the cool behind the operation. They may not necessarily be sporting plaid, thick rims or a sleeve full of ink, but they’ve got an undeniable eye for what looks good. And they live it and breathe it.  So you definitely want some of that magic in your mix. The Hipster brings the creative pop that transforms that reasonable sounding idea into the latest lust-worthy must have. They’re the ones that give your brand the face you’ll be showing to the world.

And don’t you want to look as good as you possibly could be?

For their mad storytelling skills

Shiny visuals aren’t all you need though. After all – success is more than skin deep. The Hipster is the one who can really tune into what your customer is going to be feeling, and more importantly – make a connection with them. Because the Hipster realises that simply having a product that does a great job – and looks good doing it – isn’t quite enough. You need to be able to tell the story of your brand, making it feel as incredible as it performs.

The story behind you is going to be essential for your brand – both now and in the future. It’s the soul behind the slick app interface, the witty blog posts that crack readers up (and more importantly, keep them reading) and the overall values and spirit of your business. And getting that down – right at the outset of your startup journey – is essential to building your brand. That’s why you want to make sure you’ve got the gift of the gab on board with you.

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