Why Growth Hacking Rocks – and 4 Tips to Hack Your Startup to Success!

Adding the word “hack” to something is a pretty sure fire way to create the next big buzzword, but when it comes to growth hacking, this one is kind of cool. Especially if you’re running a start up.
One of the reasons why “growth hacking” is such a great term is that it’s a bit – well – ambiguous. No one’s quite managed to pin down exactly what it means – but we can all agree on something. It’s essentially about using all the skills and tools at your disposal, including marketing, sales, technology and design – and using them to grow.

“Isn’t that just like regular growth?” You might be asking. Well, not quite!

Here’s where the “hacking” part of it kicks in. Growth hacking is perfect for start ups because it’s about using more ingenious tactics and hacks than your regular boring old strategies and campaigns. Way more fun, right?

So here are 4 of the easiest growth hacks for startups to get on the road to success!

1. Want more conversions? Make your site faster

Did you know that a 1 second delay in page response can lead to a whopping 7% reduction in conversions? That’s serious stuff. So growth hack number one is from the brilliant Lars Lofgren of KISSmetrics. Boost your conversions by making sure your site is running at super sonic speed.

2. Launch – on a Tuesday

This is one of those oh-so-simple hacks that you’d never have thought of, until you really stop and think about it. So why Tuesday? Think about your own week. Mondays are all about recovering from the weekend and getting back up to speed with the inbox. Fridays – people are switching off in anticipation for the next weekend. Tuesdays catch the momentum perfectly, ready to go! So you’re going to get a lot more people paying attention.

3. Keep your home page simple

Most people pack their home pages with more SEO than you can ever need. In fact, you don’t need very much on your homepage at all. Take a glance at some of the most well known ones out there – Facebook is a great example (log out of your account first!). What do you see? A load of pre-amble about the perks of Facebook – or just the bare minimum? Keeping it simple is a great way of spurring the user on straight to the Call To Action, instead of wasting their time – and yours – with a load of filler.

4. Cut out the signup confirmation

Let’s be honest – how many people can really be bothered to go back and confirm once they’ve made the effort to subscribe to your site? Instead of letting that confirmation email sink to the bottom of their unread inbox, how about just letting it go and skipping to the good stuff altogether?

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