Why Designers Won’t Look at Your Startup

Sounds familiar? That’s because we’ve already tackled a similar issue the other week on why developers won’t look at your startup. This time we wanted to show you the mistakes you are making that causes designers to turn away. Also, as a pre-holiday treat, you will get one tip on how to attract that Hipster. Let’s dive right into this, there are careers to be saved!

Your startup is just a new-born baby:

Sorry, but this has to be said. If you have just started your venture, it is highly unlikely that an experienced designer will want to work for you. That big fish you’re eyeing is either freelancing or working with an agency, but one thing’s for sure – they are not going to drop their successful careers to play with an idea that might not even take off.
Now, I’m not trying to discourage you – I’m telling you the way it is. If you’re just starting out you are much better off trying to find a fresh-faced designer, or a developer with design experience, until your startup takes flight and you can actually attract and afford to hire a top-notch designer.

You are looking for a creature of myth:

The designer must solve all of your problems. He/she will bring life to your idea, solve your technical issues and make it rain chocolate. Stop it. Do you really think it’s realistic to look for one person to do the job of ten? Think again. If a designer sees that their work will squeeze them dry and require to focus on a plethora of things other than design – they will bolt. Set up realistic expectations for a designer, not a jack of all trades. You want quality (at least I hope so), so you need to look for design solutions, nothing more.

You have no idea how design works:

Are you a designer? Unlikely.
Do you know what to look for in a good designer? How to carry out an interview with a designer? Chances are – you don’t. People can tell if you have little to no clue what their work is supposed to be. Face it – who wants to work for someone without a clue on what they need? Also, if you don’t know what to look for, you’ll end up with someone far off from your envisioned ideal.
Save your face, and your startup, and get an advisor. Someone with experience in either design, or hiring designers. Someone who will teach you what a good designer should bring to the table and how to scour for such. Bonus – these people usually have a wide circle of (design) contacts that you can make use of.

Bonus tip – look for a Hipster with a vision. Ditch your expectations of a gilded horse and give them room to show off.

There you go – a moment of brilliance. Get to work, and don’t lose hope – there is definitely a fantastic Hipster just waiting to be discovered!

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