Who Is Going To Finovate Europe Tomorrow?

This sounds like a proper event to us – and not least because it is taking place at Old Bilinsgate Market, one of our favourite venues.

The 2 days’ conference will cover everything relating to innovation within the financial and banking technology sectors, with demos, pitches, and “high impact networking sessions”. There will be over 1,500 attendees from companies like ABN Amro, Eight Roads Ventures, Morningstar, Deutsche Asset Management, Experian, and literally hundreds more.

The conference began life in New York City in 2007, then opened up a new version in San Francisco in 2008, and came to London in 2011. To be fair, in today’s millennial-centric world, that makes its origins positively pre-historic!

The event brochure suggests that the two days are heavily focused on pitching and presenting, and, of course, generating new business leads, with corporates, independents, fellow startups, and angel and VC investors all on the lookout for opportunities and new ideas that can give them the edge.

It’s a stripped-down format compared to some conferences, with fewer keynotes and “big reveals” perhaps, than a GSMA or a CES, but hey, it’s not trying to be Disneyworld, it’s trying to find ways to put the right people together in the right environment to create a spark or two.

Don’t miss the Best of Show Awards Ceremony which takes place at 4.15 pm on Wednesday, when the cream of the crop will be celebrating blowing the competition out of the water.

“Finovate is the Super Bowl and World’s Fair rolled into one”, says the Wall Street Journal’s Mary Pilon. Or, as Daria Woods from Tickertags puts it, “The Paris Fashion Week of FinTech conferences.”

Still not convinced? Just don’t go then, you’ll probably spoil the mood ; )

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