Where Is Voice Technology At? Find Out In Hoxton Next Week!

Talks, drinks, nibbles and networking courtesy of the Hoxton Mix Collective on Thursday, April 6th.

There’s no doubt what’s been the talk of the tech world this year, and it isn’t Donald Trump’s Office of American Innovation, run by his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Amazon’s Alexa was star of the show at CES in Las Vegas in January, and will soon be rivalled in the UK by Google Home.

Unlike say, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or self-driving cars, voice activation is here, now, and working well enough to be rolled out to millions of people around the world.

In that spirit, the Hoxton Mix Collective, “a curated group of highly specialised fast moving digital companies, connecting to some of the world’s biggest brands”, are putting on Make It So!, an event dedicated to exploring “the real state of voice technology”.

The meet-up is free to attend and will begin with 6 short talks from Hoxton Mix Collective founder Matt Evans, Head of eCommerce Capability, Innovation and Strategy at Unilever Joe Comiskey, and Amazon voice evangelist Dean Bryen amongst others.

After that, the networking begins in earnest. The Hoxton Mix Collective say that this is “a new way to introduce companies that have requirements for digital work to small, innovative agencies.”

We hear you guys! Big brands feel like agencies “don’t get” their ideas, and struggle to translate them into meaningful digital marketing – what if there was a trusted way to introduce a pipeline of projects and work to a committed bunch of small, agile agencies who can deliver the goods for them?

Well, now there is – companies can register here and become clients of The Collective, meaning they can submit briefs for certain projects which are received by The Collective’s curation team, who send the briefs on to relevant agency members.

They send a pitch back to the client, and charge a small commission fee for arranging if the agency wins the contract.

Nifty, right? The Collective say they are working with global energy, drinks, telecoms and sports companies and brands and that their pricing is completely transparent, with lightweight, yet robust service level agreements that cuts through the admin and lets great creative minds work together on compelling projects.

Interested? Go check them out next week – and learn a thing or two about voice activation, while you’re there.

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