What Tech Start-up Events Should I Go To This Week?

Let’s warm to today’s theme, “people are just as important as tech!” and look at the best events for entrepreneurs, founders, and fans of the start-up eco-system to think about going to, sign up for and then actually attend this week!

Head over to Runway East, on the lower Ground Floor of a mighty suite of offices in Finsbury Square, a start-up space so refined it has its own putting green (no kidding), for “China Venture – The Ultimate Guide For Start-ups.”

Depending on who you listen to, UK start-ups are either set to benefit from billions of dollars of investment, from the likes of Cocoon Networks or SILK Ventures, mentoring from Silicon Dragon or the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (who are due to speak at the event), or struggling to penetrate the emerging Chinese new middle class market.

Either way, if you don’t get yourself a ticket, you ain’t gonna win the start-up lottery. Disclaimer, you need a half decent product, too!

Other maybe-attends this week include start-up marketing guru Vincent Dignan at “Solve our start-up marketing problems”, which promises a surely-unfollowable-but-fun-to-try “50 key growth hacks to scale your business”, Thursday, Fintech Storm a full day conference in collaboration with the University of Zurich focusing on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies in general and Modern Economies, and some “Startup Law: An Overview of Essentials for Success”, at Digital Catapult, on the ‘morrow.

Meet-up is like a box of chocolates. You get some nutty ones, and if you have too many all at once, you tend to feel nauseous and steer clear of them for months. Time to get back on the Wagon (wheel)?

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