What Does Fred Think Will Happen In 2017?

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This is Fred Wilson we are talking about here, the man is a walking, talking, lean methodology and start-up mystic with a penchant for backing success stories, so let’s grant him a few more column inches here shall we, after all, he has blogged every day for the past seven years!

Fred on Adtech: The ad:tech market will go the way of search, social, and mobile as investors and entrepreneurs concede that Google and Facebook have won and everyone else has lost.

Verdict – we see where you’re coming from, Fred, but really? Other sources such as a recent Princeton study have gone as far as suggesting Facebook could lose 80% of its users by 2018 because Facebook behaves like a particularly nasty, but short lived virus.

Fred on AI: AI will be the new mobile – Investors will ask management what their “AI strategy” is before investing and will be wary of companies that don’t have one.

Verdict – we’ll take your word for it on this one, Fred, seems like there’s quite the dichotomy between a smartphone and AI, which doesn’t have a physical operating system like an iPhone, for example. But we figure you is talkin’ about personalisation, and other sexy stuff that AI can do, just as we were wowed by apps back in the 18th Century sometime, we think it was ; )

Fred on “GAFA”: “Google, Facebook, and to a lesser extent Apple and Amazon will be seen as monopolists by government and individuals in the US (as they have been for years outside the US).”

Ahem, you mean the US government may enquire of them at some stage whether they’d care to pay some tax? We know how that feels, Fred, but be careful – once Brexit is done, the UK will make the Cayman Islands look like France.

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