What Do Private Equity magnate Jon Moulton, Roman Abramovich, Zac Goldsmith’s Brother & Some Weed-killer Have In Common?

Weedingtech, that’s what. Nope, not a wedding ceremony disruptor with a fatal misspelling, but some promising eco-technology that, thanks to a killer combination of foam, hot water and steam, as opposed to nasty chemicals (with big, scary teeth?), can wipe out weeds faster than Rambo can pull a hunting knife on a baddie.

Ben Goldsmith, brother of Zac, helped found the startup and Roman Abramovich got involved via investment vehicle Ervington Investments, according to the Guardian. Jeez, Chelsea are top of the league and still the man must turn to plant life to keep himself entertained.

“Weedingtech have the right products, platform and expertise to capture a commanding position in this new marketplace.” Says Jon Moulton, who is probably best known for being the guy in charge of the disastrous City Link bankruptcy, which resulted in 2,700 workers losing their jobs on Christmas Day 2014.

This may or may not have been Moulton’s fault, but at least the man is not letting the grass grow under his feet while he waits for his next big payday.

See what we did there?

Weedingtech’s products were developed at Cambridge University and have also been backed by social finance organisation ClearlySo. The company have raised £3m, and the round was led by Calculus Capital.

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