Waterfront Solicitors To Offer FREE IP Advice To Our Members

Fancy some free solicitors time?

Update: The links at the bottom of this post are for our GaP? -> GaS! event on 24th Feb, they’ll have another topic and new solicitors next month! 

Waterfront Solicitors are going to be bringing two of their top bods to each of our events to give you free legal advice.

I was told a looong while ago that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, well Waterfront are bucking that trend. As part of their ongoing sponsorship of the HHH group and our smashing members, they’ve seriously stepped things up a gear or three.

Each month, they’ll be sending specialists to our #SpeedPitch and GaP? -> GaS! events to dish out 15 minutes of free advice to any and all of our members. February is intellectual property month (I know what you’re thinking, hurrah!). IP protection is super important at all stages of a startups development. It’s not always the case that everyone is out to steal your gig, but there all those times where a little preparation will help steer you away from Hans Gruber types (If you haven’t seen Die Hard, I’m sorry)

hans gruber

Shut your pie hole Fenton, how do I book some sweet free solicitors time?

Woah there, be nice. To save you turning up and queuing the lovely Fifi and Philip have opened up some calendars so you can book yourself directly in. Please try not to turn up on the day hoping there’s a spot. There probably won’t be, and you’ll be sad faced 🙁

Here they are below, click their name Fifi and Philip calendars – and let me know on rob@h-h-h.co if you’ve any problems, questions or queries.

For now though

Rob, out.


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