Uh-Oh – Here Comes The Trump Tweet Monitor For Stock Markets

Has it come to this – we must hang on the new POTUS’ every word?

To some, this may feel like the worst form of purgatory, but love him or loathe him, when Trump speaks, sadly, the world listens. A Fintech startup is turning this to their advantage.

A London based firm, Trading.co.uk has created an app that can generate trading alerts each time the orange-faced one manoeuvres his size-twelve’s into the latest hyper-sensitive political or economic discussion.

The man has form – last week he wiped billions off the value of global pharmaceutical firms by chastising them for “getting away with murder” thanks their non-transparent, anti-competitive pricing strategies.

A tweet about Airforce One, claiming its developments costs were a farce, sent Boeing’s stock market prices tumbling.

This kind of influence over the trading floor must be tracked, argue Trading.co.uk, so they have created an app which does just that. The app uses AI technology that can detect new tweets, keywords and, presumably, random attacks on journalists for stating the bleeding obvious. Trump is a volatile political virgin with his hands on the nuclear codes.

Whilst monitoring social media messages is nothing new, tracking the account of just one man has to be some kind of historical first. But will the fuss die down as Trump settles into life at the White House?

Not if the “liberal elite” have anything to do with it, we suspect. Never has one individual commanded so much attention – never has one man had his own dedicated app.

Fortunately, in this country, we have a history of dealing with trumps that are offensive and full of hot air. But this is the rip-roaring-rumble-blaster to end them all. Still, better out in the open than “silent but violent”, we suppose.

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