Top Event Alert! Using LinkedIn For Business – &Meetings, Minories – 26th January

LinkedIn can be huge for growing your business, and now that the networking site has been acquired by Microsoft, who are making a huge push into social media marketing and SME tech, there are more possibilities than ever.

Get it right, and you can mine a rich vein of contacts via LinkedIn. Get it wrong, however, and you can quickly gain a reputation as an unwanted spammer. Is there anything worse than accepting a contact request into your network only to discover that they have sent the same “personalised” message to 10,000 other people they have never met, or even heard of.

Helping you solve these kinds of dilemmas, Mark White “The LinkedIn Professional” will be running this workshop on Thursday and tickets are a reasonable £99 for early bird, £125 for Johnny-come-lately’s.

The seminar is aimed at providing wannabe marketers or more experienced LinkedIn networkers with the tools they need to “market yourself, your company and your services, developing prospects and new business as well as connecting with your current clients.

Business owners, sales managers, marketing managers and anyone keen to promote themselves across a platform that could come to be the most talked about of 2017, if Microsoft make good on their promises, are all invited to attend.

Technical topics covered include using the advanced search function, using groups effectively, LinkedIn rich media, developing company pages and Integrating, Coordinating and Best Practice.

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