Top Event Alert! Launch Your Food Business in 2017 – The Women Collective – January 28th

Since we’re food lovers, and we love talking about food, we’re tempted to attend despite the fact we don’t run a foodie related business – yet!

This event is described as a “masterclass which gives you all you need to know to bring your food business dream to life.”

Hosted by Claire Brumby, author of The Food Guide, and Ashanti, of the Foodpreneur Collective, and featuring 2 industry professionals, Liz O’Brien, a Food Safety and Hygiene Expert, and Elle Hosie, founder of Elletrepreneur, which simplifies the provision of legal services to startups, attendees will learn how to take their first business steps, create the initial product, test it, price it, sell it and avoid the most common pitfalls of running a food business.

Claire has first-hand experience of taking a food brand, “Scrubby’s Vegetable Crisps”, all the way from a market stall to a brand that sold into both national and international markets.

There’s nothing like hearing about others’ experiences to inform your own – tales of both failure and success can set the right kind of alarm bells ringing in your head as you get ready to launch.

Don’t make the same crazy mistakes as others by preparing yourself properly, and that means attending events just like these. Tickets start at £89, and The Women Collective, where the event will be held, is based in South Ken – how very foodie!

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