Top Event Alert! Fintech Tuesday – Blockchain Week Edition – January 24th

Continuing the Blockchain theme (don’t expect London’s startup community to talk about much else this week!) Fintech Tuesday will be holding their weekly meetup also at the Grange Hotel on Tuesday evening.

“Space is limited, so book early”, says organiser Luis Carranza, who also promises “an evening of drinks and networking and hearing from Fintech innovators.”

Fintech Tuesday is aimed at “financial services professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, investors and anyone with a desire to get involved in the financial services renaissance.”

The event starts shortly after the Blockchain Week conference finishes and drinks and networking are therefore guaranteed ; )

It can be hard to get back on the events horse after the Christmas break, but the trick with after-hours activities is simply to drag yourself along no matter how out-of-the-loop or tired, exhausted and “emotional” you may be feeling.

Good events always, and we really do mean always, perk people up, get their creative juices flowing again and most importantly, get members of London’s start-up talking to one another, which, again, is ALWAYS a good thing!

You may go with the intention of ducking out at half time or half-watching the speakers as you tippy tap at your Mac, but we’ll wager you’ll end up being ushered out by security staff at the end of the night, pockets stuffed with business cards, still solving the world’s problems, and ready to annoy your co-workers the following day with your renewed enthusiasm for all things entrepreneurial.

But don’t take our word for it ; )

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