Time For App Retailers To Embrace AI and AR – Say Consumers

30% of us aren’t happy with our mobile apps, and more than a quarter want to see AI in their shopping apps, says mobile app developer Adapmi.

The firm, who look after both the BBC iPlayer radio app and Guardian Witness app, create “brand advocacy and engagement for its clients”, by building “robust, intuitive and award-winning mobile apps” for consumers and enterprises, quizzed 2,000 app users to find out what new features they wanted to see, and AI and AR were top of the list.

26% of consumers want AI to remember them and recommend products and services based on their previous shopping history, whilst nearly a fifth think chatbots and digital assistants should be introduced as a matter of course by retailers.

It doesn’t end there, however. One in three consumers believe retailers need to invest further in augmented and virtual reality platforms – and the main reason for that?

They want to see how big or small products are before they buy them (29%), and want to try out different customisations and colour schemes (25%).

“Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are reshaping the shopping experience and how consumers can interact with brands”, says Adapmi CEO Nick Black.

“The possibility of a more personalised shopping experience and a chance to ‘try before you buy’ excites customers and, as our research suggests, those retailers that invest in these technologies are likely to put themselves ahead of the competition.”

The full report is available for download here.

We get that consumers want more from customer service providers than ever before – whilst at the same time they want to physically visit stores less and less – which means VR goggles and AR glasses.

That being said, we would be more willing to go in store if, as Amazon has promised us, we will not have to queue up to be served, or even scan the items we are buying – we just grab, and go.

Clicks, or mortar – it’s one of tech great imponderables. Can we really live in a world without window shopping, check out assistants, or physical “try before you buy”?

One things’ for sure – fans of tech are going to love finding out.

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