Thundermakin’ Hustlers and How to Hire ‘Em

Hah! Forget rainmakers!

You, my friend, are looking for a storm-stewing, earth rumblin’ THUNDER MAKER.

*cue big drums*

AKA The Hustler.

That’s right. The Hustler shakes the trees. Pummels pavements. Knocks on (and kicks down!) doors to on-going lucrative business for your startup.

The Hustler is your startup’s business engine. The Hipster styles the F1 race car to a shiny sleekness. Sure. And the Hacker makes the parts boom and roar.

But the Hustler gets you to the races. And across that line to that winner’s circle.

Right. So how do you go about hustlin’ up a star Hustler for your team, then?

First off, you need to take your time. Remember, you’re panning for gold here!

And there’s something that makes nabbing your Hustler slightly different from picking other members of your team…

See, a Hipster or a Hacker shine with kick-ass design. Or code makes the cutting-edge look blunt. You can easily spot the talent they ooze all over the place.

Hustlers though, are a more of a patchwork of important elements. Their rockstar features are a wee bit tougher to see. They won’t always pop up and do a little pirouette right from a CV or a sexy portfolio like your Hipster or Hacker did.

Maybe they do have a great track record. Or some impressive book learnin’.  But as we’ll see later on, that might not be enough for your startup.

Still, there are clear-cut areas to focus on while you search:

Look Out For These Key Traits

Yeah, the Hustler is pretty nuts-and-bolts. They’re often seen with their faces buried in spreadsheets.

But you’re also looking for a game-changer. So big-thinking is absolutely key. Your Hustler needs over-the-horizon, long-term business vision to take your startup to new levels. Some of your interview questions should be aimed at gauging your potential Hustler’s strategic thinking skills.

Your Hustler has many natural habitats besides the office. They’ll often get up from their desk to go hob nob and get contracts inked for your startup. Or they’ll schmooze away at networking events. So a chatty, extroverted type usually makes for an ideal Hustler – but there are exceptions! The point is, they are comfortable with clients – and intuitively understand their needs.

But you’re also looking for someone who works well within your team. Your Hustler is part enforcer, part hard-nosed chiropractor, making sure Hipster design and Hacker code dovetails with the client’s goals. That means Hustlers have the backbone to crack things into place, to make sure things stay on track.

They are also an advocate for the team. We know the Hipster resents wet blankets on their hot creative sparks. But a top-notch Hustler finds the sweet-spot between straightforward business needs, and how next-level design or technology fits into the picture, even if it spills over edges of the brief at times. They know what works. They are able to relay ideas to the client. The Hustler’s yardstick is that ultimate business goals are met and budgets are not blown to bits.

You’ll definitely want to look beyond the CV for your Hustler.

Actually, you know what?

Just crumple that thing up and fling it in the rubbish can. You don’t need it. Nope. Instead, watch for a gleam in the eye – grit, drive, work ethic.  That’s really what makes for a winning-circle Hustler. Long-established track record are not the whole story.

Lastly, startups need flexibility from their winning team. More so than other types of businesses. So adaptability is an essential part of keeping up with lurching growth spurts. Or sudden changes in strategic direction that all startups face, at some point. Hustlers need to dart around and pivot quickly. And work long hours if required. So look for someone who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves

Sweeten the Deal

Aha! So you’ve found yourself a Hustler.

Yep. You’ve taken your time to search far and wide. You’re absolutely sure they’re the one.

So you need to grab ’em fast.

You want make sure they jump on-board your team, not someone’s else’s.

So lean in. Here’s THE most important thing you need to know:

A Hustler wants to be a partner. They want to feel like they are part of the business they are helping to accelerate. So attract top talent with profit-sharing or royalty-based payment structures as part of the overall hiring package. Or any scheme that allows them to grow right along with you.

Again. Take your time. Finding your Hustler is what’ll make the thunder roll in.

Got any questions about hiring your Hustler?

Ask away!

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