This Startup Has Mapped All The Major Tech Events In London – All 5,000 of them!

Are you one of the 250,000 people who have attended a tech event in London in the past year? Or maybe you are one of these event’s 1,000+ sponsors?

Either way, you’ll be excited to hear about Airfinity, who’s founder Rasmus Bech Hansen has been blogging about how as the world becomes more digital, the “basic human need to get together in real life, share experiences, discuss, listen and learn increases”

In other words, techies are getting out more, and according to Rasmus, the events industry is now worth USD $1 Trillion, and growing.

Thanks goodness for Airfinity, then which can help people find and assess the best events using millions of real time data points, and has recently mapped the London events scene, finding more than 5,000 meet-ups, conferences, get-togethers and celebrations.

For companies, says Rasmus:

“the booming event market presents an exciting opportunity. Events is in many ways the answer to the increasingly urgent needs of marketers. How do you capture the attention of an audience in a world of media fragmentation and banner blindness? How do you engage people? How do you become relevant? Events can deliver that.”

Indeed they can, and then some. “Nothing builds a brand more than real life presence”, adds Rasmus, and  “no sale is more likely to be closed than after a proper handshake.”

Airfinity say their data allows for “audience-centric event finding”, which means if you want to connect with Python developers, well, there’s an event for that, just like there is for fans of IoT, AR, VR, and, ahem, cosplay. Lots, in fact. You’d be surprised.

Event go-ers are superior to the captive audience you might find at an airport or at a train station, for example, because they actually want to be there, which makes them attentive, receptive, and crucially, in a good mood.

Is there anything that enrages people more than a poorly timed piece of advertising?

Only a truly terrible advertising jingle perhaps.

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