The World’s Most Expensive Underwear!

£9k will get you a pair of 24 carat gold Aussiebums – or you can win a pair.

Australian brand Aussiebum has just designed and manufactured what they claim is the world’s most expensive underwear.

The 24-carat gold yarn was created in Germany, knitted into a fabric in Queensland, and now it is on sale for the princely sum of AUD $14,695 – nearly nine thousand British pounds – or a few hundred 3 pacjs of Calvin Klein briefs.

The trunks were designed by Aussiebum founder Sean Ashby, and one pair has already been sold, to a “huge fan of the brand” who wishes to remain anonymous. Sean Ashby, perhaps?

“The Gold Rush era was one of the most exciting and prosperous times of Australian history. I’m mesmerized by the thought that people travelled from around the world to seek their fortunes in Australia. Now, people don’t have to travel down under to find their fortunes, they can find it online at”

Says Ashby.

And still feel great “down under”, no doubt.

Want to win a pair? Aussiebum are running a competition and 3 lucky winners will receive a pair of these golden trunks. The winners will be announced on the 7th, 18th and 21st April

But there is not much point entering if you are female, unless you want to make your other half’s day / year – Aussiebum only make men’s underwear, which are “cheeky, irreverent and always sexy”.

“If you doubt yourself, wear something else”, is the company mantra. Don’t think you can pull off 24 carat gold undies? Us neither, even if they do come with special “ENLARGEIT” technology, which sounds kind of handy, and should you win, the trunks will be tailor-made to fit your waist.

Aussiebum say they sold more than one million pairs of underwear in the last financial year – they won’t be selling a million of these however. Check out this video and try not to choke on your curly fries.

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