The World’s First Crowdsourced Hedge Fund, Anyone?

Quantiacs is matching freelance quants with investor money and the results have been spectacular, they say.

First question; there is such a thing as a freelance quant? Get with the program! The gig economy is for everyone, not just taxi drivers and people with “spare” rooms to rent.

This is the news that Quantiacs, in the words of its CMO Warren Brinkley, are “out-performing the stock market and several of the largest quant hedge funds in the world.”

How are they doing it. Err, simple; “by bringing together scientists and hackers from around the world who apply their physics, neuroscience, and data research skills to outsmart Wall Street and make a boatload of cash for themselves, and for institutional investors alike.”

These “boatloads” – are we talking super-yachts, or rubber dinghies?

Quantiacs say they recently paid out $45k to a neuro-scientist in St Louis who works as a quant free-lancer by night – now that’s dedication – and that another top freelancer is a “a college student in India studying astrology.”

Now, far be it from us to say negative things like “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, but, yeah, the above.

Not so, say Quantiacs – in this case, you can believe the hype – and there’s evidence to support their arguments, they say, showing the fund outperforming $32bn hedgie Winton, or $5.4bn Transtrend, as well as “any CTA benchmark”.

Plus, “top scientists” are saying nice things about the impact Quantiacs is having on their lives, and “why they love disrupting the elite bankers so much.”

A brains trust of super-intelligent doctors, lawyers, and astrology students blowing the bankers out of the Canary Wharf water? It’s a world first, and us breaking the story – that’s a world first too.

We just have one word of advice – if you are a brain surgeon thinking of signing up to Quantiacs, please don’t make any big bets the night before the operation. Promise? Good.

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