The US (and UK) Founders bringing Kick-Ass Fitness-Tech to London

HHH were at WeWork in Corsham Street last night to attend a Start-up Stir meet-up which featured a panel discussion comprising 4 dynamic Fitness Startup founders, discussing how to launch a sports start-up.

Not heard of Startup Stir? The group originated in Boston, but after presenter Jessica Gioglio, author of The Power of Visual Storytelling, relocated to London, she established the London chapter and put on last night’s event.

And she wasn’t the only start-up enthusiast from across the Atlantic revitalising a meet-up group. Oana Damian is an innovation program manager by day, but by night you will find her pounding the streets of London, possibly with a set of Logitech speakers strapped around her body.

Oana helps run London Midnight Runners who put on monthly 10km jogs around the streets of London, starting at midnight, and often with an afterparty thrown in too. Oana has helped grow the group from a few running enthusiasts into something that more closely resembles an all-night rave, complete with music blasting from speakers the joggers wear whilst running. Don’t forget those white gloves if it’s cold!

Earthmiles, founded by Megha Prakash, rewards its users for leading more healthy lifestyles by syncing their movements via an app, and unlocking prizes when certain targets are met.

Ukactive, founded by Steven Ward, has a “long-standing and uncompromising vision” to help improve the health of the nation, by “facilitating big impact partnerships, championing innovation, campaigning and a host of other products, whilst Ashley Yeater is the founder of Define.London, a fitness studio which specialises in BARRE based workouts.

We knew about Fash-tech, Fin-tech and Food-tech, now it looks like Fitness-tech is the latest startup craze to take London by storm in 2017, if last night’s panel and attendees are anything to go by.

Also in attendance were Gosweat, the disruptive tech platform which wants to help people “discover and book every imaginable sporting activity”, whose founders have pledged to undergo “365 days of sport”, trying out a new form of exercise every day this year (including, somewhat worryingly for the armchair sports fan, one that involves being electrocuted!) and sponsor Metcalfe’s Skinny, who were handing out the healthy snacks.

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