The Tech Dictionary Needs Re-writing – Starting With fintech; Or Should That Be FinTech?

Are you the kind of person who can’t forgive the use of small-case when the expression is deserving of UPPERCASE! Or are you the kind who would gladly drop the pretentious spellings of modern tech trends to save on your laptop’s shift button?

So come on, which is it? Fash-Tech, or fashtech, or fashtek? Fash-tech, maybe? It seems that tech startups (should that be start-ups? Ed) just love to confuse us by adding illogical, meaningless capital letters, hyphens, and even strange foreign accents to the names of their companies.

We blame Apple – if it wasn’t for the iPhone, iOS, and, I think we’re getting the hand of this, the iMac, then perhaps we would have simply stuck with first letter capitalisations and normal spellings.

But how would that have impacted the world of tech? Would seasoned venture capitalists have backed a firm called simply Accelerate, for example, when AxElleR8 was also on the table?

And what about IoT, for goodness sake?

In fact, the genesis of creative spelling can be traced all the way back to late 80’s, early 90’s Top of the Pops. Boyz2men, for example; INXS? And then there was Popstars, and the age of Hear’Say.

Luckily, at Rise London this week, the issue came to a head, and like all of the great modern debates, the argument was settled on Twitter; apparently, 62% of twitter (Twitter?)users believe financial technology disruptors should henceforward be known as: FinTech firms. That’s right.

Not fintech, not Fin-Tech, not Fintech.

We are certainly glad to have finally put the issue to bed. Slow week at the office, guys?

Prize if you can guess the significance of the above photo ; )

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