The Start-up Bushido – 7 Essential Start-up Rules

Wondering why your startup isn’t sailing as smoothly as you’d hope? Perhaps you haven’t fully achieved zenYou should treat your startup as a living organism – it grows, develops and withers depending on you and your team. Feel free to run it however you find it fit, but there are certain notions that you should really keep in mind if you want it not to die.

We’ve put together 7 essential startup rules, as a guideline, a code of sorts, for you to think about:

1. Diversity is your friend

You want your team diverse. Ethnically and gender-wise. Diversity has bucket-loads of advantages, and it’s what you want.
An ethnically diverse team will be able to reach wider audiences. You’ll be able to pitch to a larger pool of clients if you have someone to make sure your approach is culturally appropriate. You will have a greater variety of ideas that aren’t limited by lack of ‘worldly experience’.
In addition to that, having both men and women on your team will give you the advantage of dipping into a wide variety of skills and abilities. Don’t forget – it’s been proven that teams that have more women are more successful!

2. No self-important blighters allowed

You don’t need a self-loving nitwit on your team. Perhaps they’re amazing at what they do or have a fantastic network of people. But if all they do is create discord in your team you will suffer greatly. You need people who understand what teamwork means. Who are willing to work with/for other people, share ideas and skills, and work for the good of the company. So send him on his way and hire someone who will add to your team.

3. Never settle

This goes for your team, your clients, and your services. Never settle – keep looking, expanding, improving. Your team, as great as it might be at the start, will need expanding once your startup takes off. It might even need some weeding-through. It’s possible that someone will change their mind, or their work will exhaust all potential. You must keep your team in tip-top shape, so don’t settle and continuously look for the best.
Same with your services – don’t just think ‘We’re done’ once you launch. You have to constantly improve your services. That is, if you want to keep your clients interested.

4. Treat your team with respect

They should feel appreciated. A happy team produces better results. Treat them with respect – don’t bark orders at them, make sure to check-in on how they’re doing and be accessible. Have lunch together, chat about their interests and share your own. Perhaps come up with some team-building activities – play boules, grab a pint or just have movie nights at the office. Trust me on this, as a startup you must create a comfortable atmosphere for people to want to work, rather than have to.

5. Know your Do’s and Don’ts

A startup will naturally give a lot of freedom when it comes to work – you want ideas, people working efficiently rather than restricted to their desks. However, don’t forget to set up and enforce your Do’s and Don’t’s – make sure that your team knows what’s what. They should know to what extent their ‘autonomy’ goes, if they’re expected to be responsible for anything aside from their own work. Make it clear from the get-go, and things will go much smoother.

6. Don’t get hung up over losses

You’re probably tired of hearing this from everyone. A startup will fail before it succeeds, at least once. It might not be a big one, just a slip up, but it will happen somewhere, somehow. Don’t get hung up over it and move on, take another shot and don’t give up!

7. Study the competition

Make time at least every week to go over your competition and evaluate what they’ve done. Study their approach, find weaknesses and use it for your benefit. You need to beat the competition, not fall behind them. 

There you go. Keep these startup rules in mind and you’ll find yourself bathing in success.

Don’t forget to share this tasty piece of knowledge! Comment bellow – what rules have you found to (not) work?


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