The Printworks in London Staged A “Drive Through” Theatre Production??!!

The scene? Berlin, Milan, Paris, Barcelona; London. The theme? The “perfect flow” of the new Toyota C-HR, which “looks like it is always moving, even when it is at standstill”.

All very red hat theory, but bear with us; this is the news that Milla Jovovich is narrating a theatre production, set in London’s vast Printworks building, that takes 100 guests on an interactive theatre experience, in a car, in which they begin in Berlin, driven through the streets of the city in the Toyota C-HR thanks to innovative projection footage which was debuted at the Berlin International Festival of Light.

Next, Milan, and a high-fashion catwalk, in which the “car becomes the star”, revolving “a full 360 degrees” to show its chic and stylish design.

Then a casino in Paris, a roulette table and a real spin of the wheel, thanks to croupier Etienne Pradier, before French rally driver Guerlain Chicherit leads guests “in an exhilarating drive around a giant projected roulette table, showcasing the car’s driving dynamics, fluid motion and controlled responses.”

You get the idea – Barcelona and a “flash-mob style club scene”, and then London where mixologists Alex Kratena and Simone Caporale greet the guests, alongside Milla Jovovich herself!

Cynics amongst us might suggest that that’s an awful lot of effort to try to sell a car, but you really do have to admire the ingenuity. “I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of this event – I love that immersive theatre takes everyone on a completely unique journey and that no one experience is the same”, said Milla, before banging on about the Toyota for quite a long time.

Let’s be honest, the car may not be as stylish as a group of theatre impresarios, including Les Enfants Terribles, set designer Takis, and Producer Mark Arrigo, made it look at this seriously innovative event. It would have to go some, after all.

But we can’t decide – is this cool? We guess you had to be there, but if you were, would you tell your friends about afterwards – or would the sight of them falling about laughing and then mercilessly ribbing you for decades afterwards persuade you otherwise.

We’d give it a whirl – drive-through theatre beats drive-by shootings any day of the week. We actually can’t stop thinking about exactly how this crazy experiential marketing event looked, felt, and went down. Keep your eye out for luvvies driving fancy new Toyotas?

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