The Money Cloud Are Launching A Widget That Can Help Bloggers Monetise

Has anyone ever introduced themselves as a blogger and not felt a frisson of excitement? It’s a great profession, but Arianna Huffington aside, we’d all like a fresh revenue stream – ideally, a free one.

Step forward The Money Cloud; the London based tech start-up have built a widget that allows site visitors to compare rates for sending money abroad from the likes of Transferwise, Tor FX, and Azimo – and you can get it right here.

Now, full disclosure here, this blogger also helps out TMC with a little PR, but rest easy, there is no commission due to me if you download TMC’s widget – although there might be for you.

It’s kind of a no-brainer – install it, or if it doesn’t fit with your theme, don’t!

When people visit your blog, you want to be at their service, and a handy money transfer widget might be right up their street. It might not be, either, but then what you have you lost? A centimetre squared of ad space that Adsense will pay you 8 pence per month for?

We all kill time online, often planning our holidays, checking our bank or credit card statements, and watching p…watching people do stuff on YouTube.

So if you are running a blog, you want lots of flashing, beeping stuff, to keep people entertained.

Because remember, the average internet user has an attention span that makes a goldfish look like a mastermind contestant. A good one, at that.

And, holy grail of holy grails, if they happen to move a bit of money thanks to your widget, The Money Cloud will pay you some cash money, by way of a thank you.

The Money Cloud are, in fact, the first ever money transfer comparison site. The idea is the brainchild of Emmanuel Addy and Huw Jenkins, who built something similar for the government once – a tool to help migrants calculate the costs of sending money home, and not get ripped off in the process.

Instructions for installing this nicely designed widget that adapts itself to the look and feel of your site can be found here.

Hope it works out for you – you’re a blogger. You deserve it! Unless you are a fake news site – but then, who can tell the difference.

We’d best be off; apparently a satanic goat, programmed by the Russians, is chewing its way across Europe after becoming caught up in the world’s longest clothesline. Hitler and Elvis can’t handle the situation all on their own…

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