The LSE Group Fancies European Startups, Says FacilityLive Founder – Let’s Follow It’s Example!

The LSE is hosting a round table discussion aimed at “supporting ambitious companies across Europe towards growth” today, and one Italian founder who has been invited to present thinks this is a milestone for startups and scaleups everywhere.

Italian Gianpiero Lotito is the founder of FacilityLive, a “human language search” platform; the startup is the first non-UK company to be admitted onto the London Stock Exchange (LSE) programme in London.

“The attention that a world leading financial institution, such as the LSE Group, has for the European start-up movement is a concrete sign of the importance of the new industrial generation in Europe”, says Lotito, who also thinks the LSE is “the perfect financial environment” to support ambitious young entrepreneurs and their startups.

Lotito is an enterprising guy, it seems – he is also the creator of something he calls the “Small Valleys model” which is attempting to churn out Silicon Valley rivals, and “champion the support of ambitious companies across Europe.”

If Europe is to embrace the “unique opportunity to create an even more successful tech industry”, which Lotito believes the continent has, it will need friends like the LSE, that’s for sure. Up for discussion today are topics which include the Capital Market Union project run by the EC, as well as the LSE’s own efforts to support small businesses looking for investment.

Ah Europe…so harmonious, so ambitious, so forward thinking. What have we done, people?

Still, if the LSE can break the mould and start adding European and indeed founders form all over the globe onto its Elite programs, what excuse do the rest of us have not to embrace diversity – boundaries and borders should never be as important as cultural capital, and its cultural capital that builds the best companies.

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