The Latest Future Fifty Alumni Have Been Announced!

Between them, Future Fifty alumni have created 27,000 jobs and raised nearly $4bn – read about the newest members of the Future Fifty Club.

There are 26 of them, and they will “get immediate access to a valuable peer network; expert-led classes and workshops designed to take their businesses to the next level; and a high level of visibility in joining the illustrious Future Fifty portfolio”, according to Tech City UK, the government QUANGO that runs the scheme.

And if you don’t believe them, consider this: 77 companies have graduated from the scheme (are any of the numbers actually 50? Ed), and between them they have floated on the Stock Exchange (5 IPO’s have raised $1.5bn), been involved in 16 mergers and acquisitions (10 in the last year!), and include household names such as Farfetch, Lyst, Notonthehighstreet, Unruly, and Naked Wines.

Oh, and Skyscanner. And Zoopla. And JustEat. See what we did there – saving the best for last – just like you do with your takeaway.

“So, who has made the latest cohort?” We hear you ask.

Fintech overseas payments app Azimo, flower-delivery-through-the-letterbox Bloom & Wild, musical festival experiences booking site Festicket, recipe box provider Gousto, ID verification platform Onfido, and ROLI, the modular music creation system that has raised $50m and sells seriously funky keyboards, to name but five.

Want more? Online furniture brand Swoon Editions, kid-safe digital media system Superawesome, e-commerce men’s fashion service Thread.

Still more? Virtual instrument provider, Spitfire Audio, small business godsend Receipt bank.

And that’s your lot. No, No more! WE’RE SERIOUS! Read about the rest here.

Future Fifty program lead Parveen Dhanda says the new intake represents “the diversity and depth of the UK technology sector. Their passion and talent has seen them do amazing things so far and we look forward to helping them to take the next step.”

Says Tech City CEO Gerard Grech: “From Fintech to online shopping, telematics to edtech, the Future Fifty companies offer a glimpse into the UK’s digital future.”

Indeed they do, Gerard, indeed they do – some might even say they play an instrumental part in the future of London’s tech startup ecosystem.

A lot like HHH, really. If you have big plans for your tech startup, email us, let us know what you want, and we will try to put it together for you. Who knows, maybe we’ll even lobby Tech City UK on your behalf ; )

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