The Hottest New Tech in London

London never disappoints when it comes to showing off its shiny new things.

Hottest new fashion trends? Check.

Hottest gourmet popups? Definite check.

And hottest new tech? Buckle in. We’re about to whiz through some of the most awesome tech that’s been busting out of the city this year so far.

Blaze Laserlight

We love bikes. We love the city.

But we don’t always like the hair-raising combination of the two of them together.

Enter Blaze. The guys behind this start up love bikes. And their ‘virtuous cycle’ is all about innovating technology to inspire safe and happy cycling.

Laserlight is just the start of that. It sends all the other bike lights crawling into the dark with shame. Projecting a bike symbol 6 metres ahead of you, it gives other traffic a clear and visible footprint – so there’s no excuse for not seeing you come up.

Not only that – it’s designed to be waterproof. No worries about being caught out in a typical London washout then.


AI tech for the number crunching suits at Canary Wharf?

A dead cert for a winner here. FinGenius are barely a year old – but this young startup has mighty ambitions.

Their AI-based tech is designed to help both finance employees and customers to overcome the brain-wrenching complexities that are usually part of the process, answer questions easily, and most importantly, deliver results.

With products including a predictive “virtual concierge” that keeps an eye on what you’ve been doing so it can tell you at a drop how much you spent on your car in the past year – to sorting out insurance when you’re booking a flight, FinGenius look like they will soon be an indispensable part of our lives.


Who carries cash around these days?

Yoyo have been working their way into the mobile payments sector for a little over a year now, and making good progress.

With an app created to streamline the entire payment process, they’ve already worked with some well established names – including Barclaycard, Visa and PayPal.

More than just taking the money – it also gives retailers a nifty tool into getting more insight into their customer – so that loyalty schemes can be more precisely targeted.

The other great thing about this app is that Yoyo also rewards the consumer – making it a much more enticing choice. Offering points that can be redeemed with retailers, and coupled with a slick and easy interface, it’s not hard to see why it’s already doing so well.


Health tech is set to be the next big development on the horizon, and this app looks like it’s one of the brightest.

Using the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Sleepio is designed to help poor sleepers overcome sleep issues, without needing any pills, potions or weird Paul McKenna hypnotherapy stuff.

This could potentially be huge – as anyone who’s woken up feeling greyer than a pair of dirty old socks in the morning will know, people are willing to try anything to get a good night’s sleep.

What’s the best new tech in London that you’ve seen coming up? Give us a shout and let us know!

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