The Best Bits From Last Night’s “Co-Founder Dating & Speed Pitching” Event

We had a great time last night at the Campus of Google and once again it was all down to you guys and your inspirational startup stories!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for coming. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, that you smashed your pitch (if you pitched) and that you made a connection or two that may well prove invaluable down the line as your plans, apps, and projects start to get serious. Sometimes it happens so fast it makes your head spin!

Read on as we reveal our top 10 pitches from last night’s event!

Meanwhile, one man who knows a thing or two about the risk/reward of working at the entrepreneurial end of the market is our special guest speaker last night Rich Clayton, the founder of Monkey Mischief, a design and branding agency for startups.

Rich was speaking about the power of Just Saying No! He took us all on a whistle-stop tour of his career highlights and lowlights, from drunkenly arguing with a client (he got promoted), to buying a Cruise missile and planting it outside the office for a joke (he got promoted), to being held at gunpoint for trying to import a Ferrari Enzo into the US (no promotion this time, but it did persuade Rich to go freelance!).

And he’s never looked back – today his advice is to not be afraid of causing a fuss, of turning a strategy on its head (like he did with Loaded magazine when it was at its lowest ebb, almost too embarrassing to be seen with – Clayton and his team turned it into an acceptable publication and turned the lad’s mag’s fortunes around), and most importantly, of not being afraid to be yourself!

If you can’t be yourself, who can you be!

And we heard from Rob too, currently sunning himself in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!! Whilst building a nomadic paradise for all you digital freelancers out there who want to build your businesses somewhere inspiring…and hot!

Greetings Rob, please launch your first cohort soon!

So, the pitches, the pitches, the pitches, the pitches – amazing effort from you guys once again!

Below you can read about our top ten pitches of the evening – and ladies and gents, please bear in mind it is so, so helpful if you state clearly your name, whether you are a “hipster”, “hacker” or “hustler” when you pitch – then we can provide links, full details and contact details for this email which reaches nearly 40,000 people!!

So, don’t forget – you’re not just pitching to a couple hundred people, you are pitching forty thousand! Give us the vital-statistics if you want to make it into this newsletter.

Boom! Without further ado:

Matteo (Hipster) – Open Mondo
See the world through the eyes of a local! Do you like travelling? Do you like authentic advice and guidance? Of course you do, and that is where OpenMondo can help…a discovery site where you can browse projects uploaded by proud locals from all over the world, from Mykonos to Cape Town! Founded in September 2014 by co-founders Antonio Greco and Matteo Bormetti, Open Mondo is the perfect way “to promote and propose your city.” Contact the guys for more detail!

Ian (Hustler) – Seakr
Seakr is a site where professional carers can find and prepare for work. Register on-site, attend a Seakr learning event, make your application and get ready to “take control of your career”. The site is about openness, trust, and helping to give carers, notoriously underpaid for the difficult and specialised work they do, a fairer deal and better opportunities. Co-founders Ian and Andrew would welcome connections with hackers especially, who can help them develop the project’s MVP.

Henry (Hipster) – Whyable
Need a mobile app developed? Or a website built? Are you a startup in a race against time to create a workable MVP? It could be time to turn to Whyable. The Whyable team speaks PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java. They build apps for iOS, HTML5 and possess the skills to build in API functionality. And they don’t just engineer, they design too. So, if you need some digital design inspiration, Whyable are the team to turn to.

Laurent (Hipster) – Kwaleo
Laurent and his team have created a curated marketplace for unique, independent designers and makers of products. And they are crowdfunding! Whether it’s fashion, homeware, art or culture, Kwaleo can help boutique designers get noticed and sell their goods through a beautifully designed site that also offers shipping services, secure payment, super-fast customer service and an easy returns policy. Want to get involved, or showcase your collection? Laurent would love to hear from you!

James (Hustler) – Causr
Many of you may know James Eder, the founder of Student Beans, the site for student services and deals, but you may not yet know about Causr, the location based app that helps you connect with the people around you to create business and networking opportunities that will go begging otherwise.
Described as the “next evolution in social, combining the online & offline world” by TEDx organiser Eden Dwek, Causr is a no-brainer for startup founders looking to get ahead. Its available from the App Store now so don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to enhance your network now!

Ruskin (Hacker) – LIMO
“Life is for living, not scrolling through calendars”, says Ruskin, the founder behind Live In The Moment, or LIMO for short, the startup that provides “one tap answers” to all of lifes’ timetabling and personal management decisions. LIMO is the decision-making app you never knew you were missing – get in touch with Ruskin to learn how you can benefit from, or help develop, this promising startup project.

Simon (Hipster) – Refined Creatives
Simon Tefula is founder and creative director of Refined Creatives, a company and collective that seeks to change the world through creativity. Set up to empower the creative community and harness the power of the collective, Refined Creatives also provides services from brand consultancy to Graphic Design, to Social Media Consulting and Training. Can you think of a reason not to give this site a try-out? Us neither!

Zina (Hustler) – Unbeweavable
Got hair? Need to get it cut? Unbeweavable is an “Uber / Airbnb” style platform that connects stylists to customers, and vice versa. The site / app will go live 30th November; it’s on-demand, cashless, and you can rate your trim! Available for women, men, and even children with special rates available for weddings and functions, Unbeweavable wants to be the go-to-site for hiring hairdressers at affordable prices, either for a home visit, or at the studio.

Elena & Sabine (Hipsters) – Tryatec
Launching in 2 weeks’ time, Tryatec is your Airbnb for tech products. Experience the latest tech, from drones, to the latest cameras, to VR gear! Order products from the Tryatec website (currently in beta) and have them shipped straight to you. Earn money from your unused gadgets by listing them on site for purchase or rent at no extra cost. Tech, even the craziest outlying products, gets more relevant every day – be a part of the journey with Tryatec!

Amy C Teesdale (Hustler) – Life coaching and startup mentoring
Feeling stuck? Lacking Motivation? Amy C Teesdale can help you get back on track through life-coaching, mentoring and speaking practise. Amy’s testimonials show she can help start-up founders get back up to speed. We all experience periods of inactivity and listlessness when life feels like wading through treacle – it’s how fast you can get back in the game that counts. Judging by the testimonials on her site, and her qualifications in psychology, coaching and intense personal development, Amy represents the perfect person to turn to in a crisis, or when you want to supercharge your efforts at work!


Final thoughts

Guys, once again it’s been emotional – nobody said being an entrepreneur, a dev, or a creative freelancer would be easy! If it was it’d be boring, but we all need a platform to pitch from and here at HHH that is exactly what we aim to be. We are here for you every step of the way, so if you have a problem, a query, fancy flying out to the Caribbean for some sun and inspiration, or want to lend us some of your wonderful skills and business acumen, we are always delighted to hear from you.

We are revamping our website, going mobile, and we think you’ll be pretty impressed by HHH’s desire the “one-stop-shop” for all things startup related. You don’t have to give away equity to find mentoring and opportunity – you just have to maintain that HHH mindset.

Keep on hustlin’

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