The 4 Skills You Need to Make Your Startup Succeed

You’ve been dreaming big about your startup. You can practically taste that pot of gold at the end of the silicon rainbow – it’s so tantalising that you sometimes wake up having to pinch yourself!
But hold on just a bit. Success is a little way around the corner – you’ve still got a tough slog ahead of you yet!
It ain’t gonna come easy. Success as a startup isn’t for wimps. But if you’ve got these essential skills under your belt – then it’s a whole lot closer for you:

1.  Love, love, love your product

Running a startup is hard work. There’s no wriggling out of that one. It also means that there’s no room for half-heartedness or apathy here. Basically, if you’re not totally crazy in love (Queen Bey moves optional) with your product, then you’re going to find yourself running out of steam pretty soon.
Take your cue from the founder of Paper, George Petschnigg whose passion for his product completely drives every aspect of the process – and makes sure he understands exactly what his customer base will want. Read this fantastic interview if you need to up your inspo levels!

2.  Don’t be scared to sweat

You might already be dreaming of your idyllic getaway pad on a secret beach in Bali – but that’s still a way off, yet. In the meantime, you’ve got to be prepared to roll up your sleeves, and do everything it takes to make sure you succeed. Most likely, you’re going to be working with a small team of people. Which means that there’s going to be a fair bit of multi-tasking and juggling going on. If you box yourself into a corner with the attitude of “that’s not my job” – just realise that there might not be anyone else around to do it.

3.  Stay disciplined

Discipline can seem like a bit of dirty word – shouldn’t startups be all about messy, crazy, wild creativity, late nights fuelled on caffeine, and inspiration bursting at the seams? If you live in a fantasy movie world, sure. In reality, you need to be able to keep yourself in check, and focus on your objectives – and the limitations around you. This is why having a Hustler in your pack is so essential – the Hustler is the one who’ll be keeping a beady eye on the budget at all times, making sure that things aren’t spiralling wildly out of control.
While you’re at it, have a read of this really though provoking article on how to stay disciplined with your capital.

4.  Be “Antifragile”

Antifragility is a pretty awesome concept thought up by hedge fund manager and professor, Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In short – it means that it’s not enough just to be resilient and take the punches as they come – but actually use them to improve yourself – and your business – with each impact. And being antifragile as an entrepreneur is probably the most valuable skill you can have. It covers everything – the ability to be flexible and move with the flow when things change, learn from your mistakes – and put those lessons into action – and thrive on the uncertainty of your environment.

What are the lessons that you’ve learnt along the way? And who are your startup superheroes?

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