Tech Titans Aren’t Impressed With America’s Immigration Ban

The only beneficiary of Donald Trump’s incendiary ban on citizens from seven different Muslim states entering the US, seems to have been the ACLU, and they would gladly have forfeited the cash in exchange for no ban, we suspect.

Yes, the Donald is doing what everybody feared he would, and acting upon his electoral promises. Which means bad news for nearly everyone except billionaires and bigots.

Well, not quite. Tech billionaires have taken serious umbrage to the ruling, and are making their feelings known in no uncertain terms.

Google recalled all of their staff from abroad, before Sergei Brin and Sundar Pichai staged a company wide walk-out at its offices.

Microsoft mounted a legal challenge; Apple and Facebook released statements decrying the action taken.

Travis Kalanick, who had faced criticism for participating in Trump’s business advisory council, and for permitting Uber drivers to continue working during an anti-Trump protest at JFK airport (200k people deleted the app right away), quit the council, and sent a memo to his employees, explaining that:

“Joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the President or his agenda but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that.”

Like Cheryl Sandberg has been accused of in some quarters, Kalanick was a little late in condemning Trump’s actions, perhaps, but one man who hasn’t got around to it yet, and doesn’t seem to be planning to just yet is Elon Musk.

Perhaps he is doubling up on efforts to get to Mars before Trump, North Korea, and goodness knows who else blows the earth to bits.

Still, it is good to see an elitist cabal of the world’s richest, mostly white, mostly male power-brokers being challenged by…err…um, an elitist cabal of mostly white, mostly male, tech billionaires.

That’s enough politics for one week. The tech industry treats everyone the same. Unless you’re black, or a woman. Or poor. Then you get to vote for Trump.

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