Tech Sectors to Watch in 2015

We’re riding strong through 2015 – this year’s looking pretty awesome so far.

And London just goes from strength to strength when it comes to tech start ups. We’re seeing three of the hottest tech sectors bubbling with energy, innovation and enthusiasm – which is definitely leaving us feeling inspired.

So check out three of the hottest tech sectors to keep an eye on this year – and get your creative juices flowing!


Fintech – aka financial technology – is one of the UK’s hottest new growth sectors. Last year, a whopping $623 million was invested in this area – around 42% of total investment in Europe.

Hustlers – you’ve got to be hearing those cash tills ringing, right?

Of course, it’s not hard to guess that London is at the top of the pile when it comes to fintech development. There are some amazing start ups here – in fact 24 spots on the coveted FinTech 50 list from FinTechCity were nabbed by companies right here in the city.

Take for example – Osper – whose money management app is teaching young people valuable skills in how to deal with their cash from an early age.

Or Algomi on the other end of the spectrum – a technology-led solution for banks and brokers dealing with liquidity.


Sports is pitched to be the next big industry to see a technological revolution, and we’re already seeing some amazing things happen.

Forbes point out that the market is just about gagging for some serious tech disruption – whether you’re looking at athletic equipment, wearable technology or coaching services – these are areas that have pretty much been lagging behind, but that could be set to change.

One great start up that’s just scooped the Best Use of Technology Award at this year’s Sports Technology Awards are Tribe Hive – a start up whose app is changing the way sports fans can engage with live sporting events via mobile connection – without the nagging snafus that can come with trying to get wifi for thousands of people in a stadium.


With sports and fitness growing in technology – it’s inevitable that the medical sector wants a slice of the action too. And the number of health tech start ups in the city is growing exponentially.

One great thing about this sector is that any innovation that comes out is going to be beyond superficial hype – we’re looking at real solutions that could make a huge difference to people’s lives. For the Hackers out there who really want to get stuck in and figure out the things no one else can – this one is for you.

One great start up that’s already gaining recognition is Babylon – an app that cuts through waiting times to help get patients to doctors fast. Think of a medical equivalent to Uber – and you’re pretty much there.

Another start up that’s been scooping up awards in this sector is Big Health – taking behavioural psychotherapy and blending that with technology for innovative results.

That’s just a glimpse of what’s looking hot this year – it’s going to be an impressive one, that’s for sure!

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