Sustainable Tourism – In Amsterdam? Join The 3-Week Booster Programme!

Sustainable tourism is where it’s at, folks; witness the success of Eco Companion, featured on Product Hunt just t’other day.

Now travel giant are getting involved with the launch of a 3-week fast track business accelerator for eco-tourism related startups in Amsterdam – by anyone’s standards, 3 weeks is not a long period of time to build a company in.

But the opportunity to win grants worth up to €500,000 will definitely raise a few eyebrows, and get a few entrepreneurs and eco-warriors pulses racing.

The programme is slated to begin in June, and is the product of an internal company initiative to look at ways that employees can partner with NGO’s “on projects that help improve destinations worldwide”.

The goal of the booster programme, says, is to “support startups dedicated to sustainable tourism in the following areas: protecting the environment, preserving cultural heritage and/or promoting inclusive growth in tourism that supports and develops local economies and communities.”

ImpactHub will be partnering on, and are co-designers of the programme; they will be arranging workshops, mentoring sessions and lectures from industry experts, they say, plus “the small group of selected startups that participate will also receive several months of weekly mentoring from expert sponsors following the accelerator programme in Amsterdam”.

Applications are being accepted from all over the world until March 1st, so if you have what it takes to help create a more sustainable future and fancy relocating to one of Europe’s most exciting cities (despite its laid back vibe), and you can show “proven impact”, are financially sustainable and are registered as a for-profit, say they want to hear from you.

Go forth and scale, earth lovers – the future needs people like you.

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