Sound as £4.5 million pounds – Cambridge based IoT start-up Gets Funding Ball Rolling in 2017!

News reaches us from Cambridge of a $5.5m Series A funding into Audio Analytic – an AI powered smart home sound recognition company, founded in 2008 by CEO Dr. Chris Mitchell.

The company uses embeddable software sensors to help its users create the ultimate “smart home”. The sensors can detect if a window is broken, a baby is crying, or if the smoke alarm has gone off.

According to research from Parks Associates, 55m smart home devices will be sold in the UK in 2017. Audio Analytic plan to spend the cash on doubling its team to 50 employees within the next year, and adding news sound detection profiles to its ai3 platform.

At this point, we would normally be tempted to say something about how the UK tech industry just quietly gets ion with the business of producing world leading tech, we just don’t shout about it as loud as those pesky Americans in the Valley, New York and Seattle!

But, did we mention that Audio Analytic also has offices in San Jose, California? Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?

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