So You Think You Can Hustle? 3 Online Advertising Blunders to Avoid

Do the hustle! No, but seriously, you must feel overworked – all that hustling and bustling you’ve been doing to make sure your Hipsters and Hackers are satisfied…and they’re still not satisfied!

Grab a cuppa, sit down and read through this little piece of advice. You need it. Chances are, you’ve made (or are about to make) at least one of these online advertising blunders. Relax, we’ve all been there. Mistakes are good, they let us learn and evolve! So let’s level up together, what do you say?

1. Not Exploring Every Option

What’s that, you ask? How is it even possible? Tell me if this sounds familiar:
You have a favourite media platform. You have honed your skills on that particular media platform. And it is there that you’ve focused most of your brilliant advertising ideas.


You must, absolutely must, reach as many media platforms, outlets as you possibly can. People who have any measurable presence in the online world switch between media multiple times a day. Yes, multiple times a day! We’re no longer talking about crowds who tuck a single newspaper under their arms as they shuffle onto the tube. There are those, of course, but they’re not your target audience, I presume. An average person will do a Google search, check their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, read a blog post or two on their phones during their commute and spend a good amount of time just watching YouTube on their computers. If your advertising budget is directed at a single platform you’re missing out big time! Diversify your strategies, educate yourself on the workings and peculiarities of all the different media platform. And use your resident Hipster, social media hustling is usually second nature to them!

2. Stereotyping/Cultural Stereotyping

Don’t be ‘that guy’. You should never base your target audience on a stereotype. So they’re in their twenties. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re depended on their phones, listen to mind-numbing pop music and can’t hold an intelligent conversation to save their lives. There are those, of course. But there are also scores of twenty-somethings who could give any proud ‘love child from the 60’s a run for their money when it comes to political ideas and the thirst of knowledge. Then why do you lump them into a category based solely on their age?

Similarly, not every elderly person is incapable of using technology. I personally know quite a few people who qualify for the ‘elderly’ title, but put me to shame every time I try ‘talking tech’. And, of course, there’s nothing worse than cultural stereotyping that is still very present to this day. It’s insensitive and highly offensive, and will cost you greatly if you don’t rethink your strategy! You can do better. Use your data and feedback, and target based on need, rather than ‘type’. That way you’ll reach much more varied audience. Your product will actually reach the people who ‘need’ or ‘want’ it, rather than a faceless mass, out of which perhaps two people will take any interest in what you have to offer.

3. Getting Too Excited with ‘Buzz-words’

Yes, I know, your company is amazing, fun-tastic, ground-breaking, mind-bending, life-changing.
That doesn’t tell me anything about what your company actually is, though. You’re a startup, which means you’re pretty much banking on the unique edge of your company to appeal to people.
Then why don’t you put that into words? 

People are tired of ‘buzz-words’, they say nothing and make your company seem pompous and lacklustre. Your audience wants to know what makes your company special. Why they should be interested in your services. Start-ups are all about personality and personal connection. I know you want people to know how awesome you are. But you can say it just as well without actually using the word. Be creative. Leave buzz-words for faceless conglomerates and have fun with your brand’s voice!

Et voila! Now you know what you’ve done wrong, or perhaps we stopped you just in time? Excellent!

Share this with your hustler friends (and the Hipster in charge of your social media campaigns) and comment – we want you to tell us more online advertising blunders you’ve come across.

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