So Tell Us What You Want, What You Really Really Want!

A heads up from HHH – our glorious leader has been on a world tour and after a series of high level summit meetings we believe we are ready to take the HHH project a stage further.

HHH has never been about us, it’s always been about you guys. There are so many products, services, mentors, accelerators etc. etc….some might even say too many – we all have different resources we rely on but rather than having 35 tabs open on your Google Chrome browser, wouldn’t it be nice to have a “one stop shop” for all your start-up needs?

Now, whether it’s providing services in house or simply finding and partnering with the best service providers, at HHH we are determined to build our site into the WeChat of start-up resources – you never need to leave the app / site.

We are looking at funding our endeavours through membership, a bit like these guys, but it’s all very early stage – what we really want to know at this stage is “what do you want?”

More events, more discounted services, more free services, better quality paid for services, more debate, more events, more beer and pizza…?

What floats your entrepreneurial boat – what can we provide that you are struggling to find elsewhere?

Over the coming weeks’ we may put out a survey or two to gauge your feelings about certain ideas and strategies we have discussed until we are blue in the face, and rest assured, we will act upon your recommendations.

Who needs a digital butler when you’ve got HHH?

Ok, ok, we wouldn’t mind one either ; )

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