Snapchat’s European HQ Will Be In UK – So Let’s Teach Them About Hornblower!

Positive response to Snapchat, sorry Snap, sorry Snap Group Limited’s announcement that it plans to base Snapchat’s European Headquarters in London?

Yippee, London is best for start-ups, SnapChat are moving here because “the UK’s strong creative industries make this a great place to build a global business”!

Cynical response to Snapch…(not again! Ed) the announcement?

Yippee, the UK is the new Cayman Islands / Panama Papers all rolled into one!

So who is right? Well, there are 10 million “Snapchatters” in the UK which means nearly one in every ten Brits are using the service. And yes, despite our inability to win the Eurovision song contest, we are a creative bunch.

And yes, Snap / Snapchat / Snap Group founder Evan Spiegel once turned down an offer from Mark Zuckerberg to come visit him in Menlo Park (Snap, we’re calling it Snap, is based in LA) and sell the business to him for several billion, so he could grow it the way he wanted. A good decision as it turned out, as the company, which is rumoured to be IPO’ing this year, is currently valued at $25 billion.

And yet – we’ve had a few issues with the likes of GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) over here – the “will they, won’t they build it” row over Google’s mooted new headquarters in Kings Cross (they will, just not as glam as they said at first), the not paying any tax thing (let’s all try that?) and, maybe we’re being a bit picky here, the treatment of the UK as a strategic “beachhead” from which to “attack” the rest of Europe rather than the “green and pleasant land” residents know it to be.

Solution – all Snap(chat) employees should be forced to join the National Trust and watch at least one episode of Hornblower / Eastenders / Live at the Apollo every week.

If that doesn’t do it, nothing will.

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