Security Holds Back Baying Crowds Of Startup Fanatics Trying To Get In – True Story!

A-a-a-a-and we’re back! You may (or you may not) have noticed we’ve not been writing up our events for the site but due to popular demand we’re back doing it again, huzzah, hurrah, oh frabjous day etc., etc!

So last Monday night’s Speed Pitching and Co Founder Dating episode 25, or bazillion-and-ten, or whatever it was, was so popular that security had to keep 20 odd people outside for the first 20 minutes as there was LITERALLY NO MORE ROOM IN GOOGLE CAMPUS!!!! They did let them in eventually – upon realising that HHH’ers don’t do setbacks, and certainly don’t miss their favourite event!

Everybody knows HHH is the best pitching event in town, everybody feels the vibe, everybody rocks the vibe, and now we have NEW PRESENTERS too!!!
Andrei Brad, the cool, efficient guy pulling the strings backstage and not one but two funky new presenters – intros to come – we miss Rob, of course we do, but he’s in the Caribbean now – has he gone full pirate? No, he’s only gone and launched a co-working/co-living/co-playing space in paradise, code name Buena Vista Startup Club last we heard.

Any which way, Monday night was another stellar collective performance, from the guys pitching Ask Jeffrey (priceless), to the replacement keynote, who stood and delivered and helped us all with our marketing in the absence of Rich Pleeth, founder of the Sup app, who was a little ill.
We’re not gonna lie – HHH pitching events are “you had to be there” kind of gatherings, but to give you some flavour, here’s 10 of the top pitches we heard on the night.
N.B. – not everyone pitched – if you are shy wallflower type who hates standing up and pitching in front of that scary crowd and those scary water-pistols, come for the networking – it’s so good – it’s probably still going on now…

HHH, where founders’ dreams’ meet investors expectations, and a whole lot more – here are those pitches…

Tariq – HustlerMintrics

Mintrics provides comprehensive Facebook Video Analytics, giving you the “science behind video content creation”. Founded in Delaware, with a dev team in Cairo, Egypt, where Tariq hails from, Tariq says the company are “doing good” and, based at the Mass Challenge Accelerator at Tobacco Dock, Shadwell, are looking to recruit those with a taste for stats and analytics who thinks they can add value to a start-up that already works with brands like BuzzFeed, Last Week Tonight, ESPN, Disney and Now This News. Drop Tariq a line @!

Ben – HustlerNew Media Creative Network

Hustler Ben created online platform New Media Creative Network, or NMCN for short, so that brands can connect with new media creators, who can also showcase their work on the site, with the goal to “increase collaboration between the community and select brands”. NMCN can connect creatives with big ideas to fellow creators from all over the world. NMCN will also help brands publish creative briefs to the site – no off-the-shelf white-labelled solutions here! Join Ben on his crusade and help promote yourself and your fellow makers.

Daniel – HipsterStart-up Funding Club

Investor alert! Start-up Funding Club help early, early stage founders find funding by leveraging the EIS and SEIS tax efficient wrappers to create funds investing in 10 or more start-ups. They also provide mentoring, start-up services and access to a network of angels and fans of disruptive tech. Daniel was here last night to chat to founders and hear some great stories about the next big thing. We hope you caught up with him, if not pop over to the SFC website and learn more about this award winning team!

Kris –

Not pitching but found hustling like a pro during the networking, Kris is on the lookout for a co-founder, CTO, CMO and similar start-uppy type co-workers. Hallbookers allows students to find and book university accommodation…and review it! Hallbookers works with student Unions across the country and Kris says the inspiration for the service was a terrible experience he experienced himself trying to find student digs in London when he was a student. The business has already raised £90k and Kris is ready to put together his fantasy start-up crew. Fancy being one of them?

Hunter – Hipster –

An American in London, Hunter, from Denver, is in London working in the music industry whilst he grows his start-up, which provides live concert content using 360 degree cameras. Music fans can swap comments and upload video to the site. This is a boom industry with the music business more fragmented than ever and musicians increasingly looking to live performances to monetise. With a team of 4 based in Denver Hunter is looking to meet like-minded music and start-up evangelists.

Liam –

Liam is launching a Kickstarter campaign to promote and raise funds for his new business venture – the idea is simple – but legendary! Tired of trying on clothes in crowded unhygienic changing rooms? Let the clothes rail come to you. Yourfittingroom brings clothing direct from the store, selected by you, to your home and gives you 1 hour to try everything on. When they return, you can simply give them the clothes you don’t want and keep the ones you do. Boom! Shoppers get a super-easy way to try and buy the latest fashion, and retailers benefit from the faster turn-around times for returned items. Liam is looking for bloggers to help him trial the service and spread the word.

Charles – Hacker – freelance developer

Charles is an ex-hedge fund analyst who has decided to throw his hat into the start-up ring. “I can do your tech” he says, and judging by his flamboyant appearance, he can probably get creative too! It’s early days for Charles as he scopes the scene for the first time but if you’re looking for a new approach to your tech, snap him up before somebody else does!

Ishaan – Hustler – BunkerX

Ever thought about selling fuel to ships? Well, now you have! Ishaan has founded BunkerX to try to disrupt the shipping industry in which he’s worked for many years at a major shipping corporation. Deciding that there must be a better way, Ishaan is backing himself to deliver it, and with existing funds he is ready to start delivering fuel to those thirsty boats. Fancy turning your hand to something new, or maybe you are a maritime buff yourself?

Karen – Hipster Future Coders

The founder of a social enterprise named Future Coders, Karen wants to give a new generation the tools to succeed as well as giving charities and non-profits a boost with some added technical knowhow. The government aren’t doing enough to encourage young people to take IT qualifications and Karen is on a mission to solve the problem herself!

Sadly we don’t have contact details for Karen or Ishaan so guys, make yourself known to the group! Karen, Charles the coder wants to grab a coffee with you!

All in all, it was a typically tempestuous night at Google C, chaotic, mesmerising, and the most fun you can have on a Monday night in London with your clothes on (even if they do get kind of soaked by our presenters and their water-pistols if you exceed the 30 second pitch limit ; )

Happy co-founder hunting and dating, it’s been a pleasure, and we’ll see you next month, or maybe at GAPGAS which takes place Mon 17th October – can you wait two weeks?

Keep on hustlin’

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