Professional Drone Racing Coming to London in 2017!

Saint-Petersburg, Russia - March 26, 2016: Flying drone assembled on their own. Trial starts drone to drone on racing competitions.

Is it too early to talk about London Tech Week which will be staged in June for the third time? Hell no, because, there will be drone racing!

That’s right, the UK’s first ever professional drone racing event, so professional, in fact, it even has its own body, the Drone Racing League (DRL), will take place at Ally Pally on the 13th June.

If you can’t make it to North North London, however, fear not – Sky Sports will be broadcasting this winner takes all season finale. Now, we knew that robots were planning to take all of our white-collar jobs (they already got the blue-collar ones) this year, but we didn’t think they’d start with our beloved athletes!

Apparently, the drones race at 90 mph, and as an investment proposition they may be worth a punt too – Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy and the owner of the Miami Dolphins are amongst those to have pumped in some cash. Heavy metal indeed.

Let’s just hope the drones don’t up with eyeballs like saucers and notes from the doctor saying its ok for them to mainline WD40 because they suffer from mild rust, like real athletes.

Who can deliver suspect packages to Tour de France riders suffering from “asthma” – now there’s a sport for drones.

“We want to make London Tech Week open to a wider audience and by bringing the UK’s first professional drone race to London we hope to attract both consumers and business leaders to experience everything London’s booming tech scene has to offer”, notes Andrew Cooke, acting head of London & Partners.

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