Rob at IntelligentCrowd.TV

The irrepressible and un-replaceable Head Honcho at Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers provides some down to earth advice to wannabe entrepreneurs and founders. Rob has been around the block – take his advice.

Could This Be London’s Hippest Startup Event?

London Technology Week Interview: Robert Fenton


LONDON TECHNOLOGY WEEK: Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers is an online community resource centre for “all things start-up related.“ The group was formed to create and build tech communities and helps users find a meet-up group. Its founder Robert Fenton says he is “answering the demand” from the tech community, which he believes is growing even faster than America’s Silicon Valley.

BBC Radio 4 – “Anti-Establishment & Uber-Capitalist”

Our founder, Robert Fenton, was interviewed by Georgia Catt from BBC Radio 4, at one of our ‘Developers & Entrepreneurs‘ meetups, about the trends and movements happening in the London tech scene.
(Skip to 13.56 minute mark to go straight to our bit, although the whole program is worth listening to.)