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We said a perfect tech pitch should be like a cross between the news at ten and the Rocky Horror Picture show, so how did the MS Ventures teams perform in their first practice pitches in front of a live audience, with just a few weeks until the real thing: just for fun, here are our ratings:


Arjun Hassard, Managing Director of Myriada delivered a polished pitch that spoke to the gambler/speculator in all of us. Myriada is a software and platform that aggregates the opinions of individuals, about market movements, about risk, about financial trends, and therefore provides a superior forecasting methodology. It leverages quantitative and qualitative data, and by grouping individual predictions together it converges towards the most likely truth. Arjun quoted Albert Einstein, “many of the things you can’t count, really count”. Myriada finds the consensus view, because let’s face it, even Einstein had his off days! When Arjun and his team tested the product with amateurs, the results were impressive, so imagine the power of the tool in the hands of professional stock pickers or financial analysts. Much of investment banking activity is based on guesswork, or so called “prop trading”; Myriada could represent a better way.

Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers Rocky Horror rating?
Video content looked great and Arjun presented well. An impressive 4 Richard O’Brien’s

Richard OBrien Richard OBrien Richard OBrien Richard OBrien


Appy Parking:

Parking, you don’t need me to tell you, said Dan Hubert, Founder of Appy Parking, is “a massive royal pain in the arse!” Already preaching to the converted, Dan quickly passed over some incredible achievements, the 10s of thousands of downloads the app has had, the 5 star ratings on iTunes, the TV ads in the pipeline, and chose instead to focus on what was still to be achieved. Big companies such as BT and Addison Lee are racking up millions of pounds in fines because parking in the capital is a mess. Appy Parking is here to restore everyone’s sanity. It’s not just about big data, it’s about big detail, and that, in a nutshell, is what Appy Parking does. Imagine a world without traffic wardens, where there was one place, for every space. Dan believes his company can reduce the average parking time down from 20 mins to 5 mins. Something needed to be done about Britain’s parking; Appy Parking has done it! Well almost, Dan’s excellent presentation did suffer from a few technical glitches.

Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers Rocky Horror rating?
Appy Parking will be huge, there’s no doubt about that, but presentation wise, this show is not quite yet on the road. 3 Richard O’Brien’s

 Richard OBrien Richard OBrien Richard OBrien

 Art Guru:

Art Guru
Founder Marco began by telling us that more than 6 million people visited the National Art gallery in London in the last year alone. That’s 6 million different interpretations of the paintings and exhibitions! Some people prefer a private tour, others pick and choose their works of art, and still more like to go round with their friends. Art Guru caters for every taste; you simply point your smart phone camera at a picture to receive detailed notes or audio commentary, and you can share your visit, plus the works of art, via social media as you go. Users, and Marco has tested more than a few, love the Art Guru app. And so do the galleries and museums themselves, for 3 main reasons. Ease of use, the galleries no longer have to provide clunky and unreliable audio guide paraphernalia to visitors, attract more visitors by interpreting the data collected by the app; what do people like, what do they not bother looking at, and finally, sell more tickets and goods, by targeting customers with products and services tailored to their personal tastes! Already live in 7 UK museums, there are over 2,500 more in the UK alone, and, in China, a new museum opens every 7 seconds. Now that’s a market!

Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers Rocky Horror rating?
Marco is a charismatic presenter and we love his product, but not quite as much use of audio-visuals as the other pitchers. 3 Richard O’Brien’s
Richard OBrien Richard OBrien Richard OBrien


An eye-tracking head mounted display. Sound like Oculus Rift? Welcome to the world of FOVE. From 2D to 3D to Virtual Reality, gaming, and technology, has moved on. The future is now! The audio-visuals in this pitch were breath-taking, and really demonstrated the diversity of what FOVE are creating with their headsets. From gaming, to health, we saw some amazing demos: my favourite was seeing hospital patients with paralysis communicating via specially designed robots, or playing piano, by using their eyes as a controller, it really had to be seen to be believed. Presenter and CEO Yuka is proud to be one of the very few female Japanese CEO’s and also proud to have reached the semi-final of the Tech Crunch Disrupt Cup in San Francisco, the first Japanese company to do so, with her product. With an impressive list of business partners, including SEGA, and Microsoft themselves, to say this pitch had to be seen to be believed is not quite correct. I saw it and I still don’t quite believe it!

Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers Rocky Horror rating?
Better than the cinema! 5 Richard O’Briens
Richard OBrien Richard OBrien Richard OBrien Richard OBrien Richard OBrien 


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