One of London’s Favourite Venues Is Already Thinking About Summer

Kensington Roof Gardens has it all worked out – so you can head straight to the top floor.

That strange yellowish light streaming through your windows and warming your icy dangly bits is called the sun. We know, it’s been a while, but there’s nothing quite like the Great British Summer – all 10 days of it.

So it’s probably best to lay your plans out now, just like Kensington Roof Gardens have done.

What’s on the menu? A “stunning selection of fresh British seafood”, apparently, thanks to the new Babylon’s Seafood Terrace.

And once you’ve warmed the cockles with some warm cockles, why not try the gardening club, which will run on selected Sunday’s, with exclusive talks from experts.

You’ll be in the club, maybe a bottle of Bub’, surrounded by pitchforks and hoes. Every gardening gangsta’s dream!

Bank Holidays are great for a spot of afternoon tea, don’t you know, which is great because Kensington Roof Gardens will be hosting Secret Garden Afternoon Teas on all bank holidays, and selected Monday’s and Saturday’s. Jolly good.

If you like your entertainment with a bit of a swing, Proms on the Roof could be for you, or perhaps Comedy on the Roof, if you want to feel your funny-bone again.

And there’s more – so much more. Jazz in Babylon, every Tuesday evening, Reverb, a unique blend of comedy and live music, and American themed Independence day, featuring a BBQ and firework display, followed by dancing in the members club.

So forget April showers – April Towers is where its’ at. For entrepreneurs, a little decadence goes a long way.

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