New Performance Management Tool From The Nordics Is Set To Wake Up Bored UK Workers

Admit it – you took your latest job for the big salary and now you’re getting the screaming heebie-geebies as you thunder down the Northern Line on your morning commute – the office is so dull you’ve taken to trimming your ear hair in the loos, and you’re spending all that extra cash on useless clobber you see as you trawl the internet searching for inspiration.

Time for gamification, wethinks – Sparta is a management tool that launches into the UK market today, having been a runaway success in Scandinavia.

The tool has been used by the likes of Coca Cola, Hyundai, EON, Volkswagen and even Spotify (because working for Europe’s most successful ever Unicorn isn’t exciting enough – and hey, you might get to sit next to the ex-POTUS if Daniel Ek’s Tweets are anything to go by).

According to Sparta and their UK Managing Director Peter Britten, 50% fewer sales reps are motivated by money than 5 years ago, and most work teams consist of 60% of “mid-level inconsistent performers.”

Hmmm…sounds familiar. So how to motivate. Sparta “provides real time and transparent measurements of the company’s and individual’s’ performance across departments, teams and employees through computers”

Translation? “as an employee, you win through your activities; as a manager, you win with through the activities of your people.”

The service helps promote friendly competition between staff, and helps bosses keep track of progress, eliminating admin in the process. It even integrates with Salesforce via a nifty API, the company says.

So, given 78% of business leaders rank employee retention as either important or urgent, expect the office environment to liven up this year.

Good news for the bored, frustrated and restless, bad news for those who like to snooze their way through the day.

Check out this handy explainer video if you are looking to pep up that sales team this year. But beware, who knows what you might unleash if you force these sleeping giants to show off their true colours this season.

Nothing you can’t handle, we’re sure 😉

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