New Huckletree Space Opens Up Where The BBC Used To Be!

It’s all about co-working spaces and busy people this week. Alternative Wework Huckletree opened their second space (their first is in Clerkenwell) in the Alphabeta building on Finsbury Square in April last year, and are about to launch Huckletree West.

The space will be Huckletree’s biggest yet, at the former home of the BBC in White City Place, with room for up to 450 members. The target demographic are “mature millennials”, hence the space comes complete with its own crèche.

Both Huckletree founders, Gabrielle Hersham, and Andrew Lynch, have small children, and they figured that if they needed to work around their parenting commitments, maybe some other members of the London tech co-working community did too.

In fact, the childcare facilities will be housed off site, and cost around £1,500 per month, whilst a desk at Huckletree West can be obtained for just £150, with a shared office costing £650. Half day rates for parents with children of nursery age are also available, reports the Evening Standard.

The idea of moving to West London when so much of the start-up community are focused on East, is an attempt by the founders to create more of a sense of community amongst techies in the more spread out West, the founders say.

Everywhere you look, millennials are growing up and starting to raise families – will they be able to maintain their counter-culture, anti-corporate credentials in the face of these new responsibilities.

They certainly will if the likes of Huckletree keep thinking of ways for the tech community to stay one step ahead!

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